Endo Robotics

Endorobotics Co., Ltd, which aims to develop the flexible surgery robot as similar as endoscopy, was founded by Professor Daehi, Hong (Korea University) and Byunggon, Kim, (Ph.D, Korea University ) on April, 2019.
The foundation of company is based on participation of Professor Hunjae, Jeon, Professor Bora, Geum and Professor Hyeoksun, Choi who are definitely prominent faculties in the field of the gastrointestinal endoscopy surgery as stockholders.
The endoscopic surgical robot in development sets its sight on the flexible surgery robot for surgery of early cancer in the digestive system without any ablation and perforation. This surgery operates with sleep anesthesia rather than general anesthesia and extremely decreases the cost of hospitalization by less span of post-operative recovery. Furthermore, in view of the fact that it does not need any extra surgery place, like clean room, in addition to low installation expense compared to highly costly da Vinci surgical system, it is definitely considered to be highly utilized in countries with undeveloped medical system in addition to those with advanced medical system.

Professor Daehi, Hong : “ We lead to advanced global K- flexible surgery robot. “

Byunggon, Kim : “We passionately strive to help patients around the world benefit from invasive surgery”

Company Information

Company Information

Company Name : EndoRobotics Co., Ltd.

Foundation Date : 04.04.2019

C.E.O : Daehi, Hong / Byunggon, Kim

Address : Robot Convergence Building 507, 145, Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Tel : +82-2-3290-3838

E-Mail : doctor.bk19@gmail.com

3F Techno Complex Building, College of Science & Technology, Korea university